Wednesday, March 1, 2017

When God Made You Book Review!

When God made you is such a CUTE book!! The story line is so full of love and inspiration! It shares so much insight on how much God loved us and created us in HIS image! The illustrations are absolutely amazing, the colors, the vibrant imagery fits perfectly with the story line! GREAT book for any age, not just children!! I highly recommend this book to everyone! I did receive this book for free from Blogging for books so I could read the book and share my honest opinion. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pop Painting by Camilla d'Errico Book Review

This book is FULL of amazing techniques and ideas to create beautiful art work. They way it is described is just the way it is! This book will guide you through the steps in a gentle kind manner and provide easy access resources too! Awesome book!! This book was sent to me for FREE from Blogging for Books so I could read it and give my honest review. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Overcoming Anxiety, panic and Depression Biblical Study!

Hello there!
  I am so excited to announce my new biblical study "Overcoming Anxiety, Panic and Depression" God has led me through some amazing visions with this study and I am so excited to see what His healing and unfailing love is going to do for each of us living with anxiety, panic and depression!
  Anxiety, panic and depression is like walking on a freshly tarred road, I do not know How I got onto that road in the first place, there were no warning signs and next thing I know, I am trying to lift my feet and the fresh tar is not allowing me to go anywhere. I try to run but unable to move because I am frozen with fear, I try to scream, but unable to speak, my heart is racing a million miles a minute, feeling faint and nauseous, scared and alone, physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted after each attack. Then the freshly laid tar will loosen and allow me to move forward a step or two and have a "peaceful" day. Yet in the back of my head, I am still anticipating when the next attack will happen.
"The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me" Job 3:25
  I want to ask for help, but afraid to speak up because people may think I am "over reacting" or I am a "hypochondriac" or I have lost my mind completely. "No one understands" Romans 3:11
What is really tough for me personally, is my anxiety and panic disorder has caused me great fear of going to the doctor. I fear the "diagnoses" I fear the doctor finding something else "wrong" with me... I then become this recluse, not wanting to leave the house for the fears of something "bad" happening to me; a car accident, I might have a heart attack in the middle of the grocery store, I might faint standing in that crowd of people in church because I am so disoriented and dizzy...
This is what I have been living with for almost 6 years now. It has almost destroyed my marriage, my parenting, my friendships, and my personal relationship with God.

  HOWEVER... This last month I have almost hit ROCK BOTTOM several times, yet God still holds me up! I have accomplished many daunting tasks that I NEVER would have before God spoke to my heart! It is a work in progress and I am so excited to share this 12 week study with you! I have learned that this will not go "away" over night, that I can not "search for the reason" this is all happening, but to "enjoy" the ride and let God take the wheel! There are so many tools, scripture prescriptions and MUCH more within this study and I want to share and grow with others that are experiencing anxiety, panic, depression and fear.

 If you would like to join me on this amazing journey I would love to have you! To join, please use the Contact Tara form to the right and I will get you signed up!

This is a video with deeper explanation of the study and how it will work!
Also, Please visit my Facebook page where all the sessions will be shared!
Many Blessings to you!
In His Love,
Tara McGuire

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

Hello Beautiful friends!

It has been several weeks since I have kept up on my blogging... Between the lovely cold traveling through our house and being busy with many other life duties! I have been creating like I promised from my heart! God has shown me so many wonderful things through the art I have been creating these past several weeks!
I have created a Faith and Inspiration Calendar! It is so refreshing to know that God continues to speak to my heart through art too!
I will be finishing up my planner videos for those that want to make an altered planner!
Many blessings to each of you!

If you are interested in ordering one of my Faith and Inspiration Calendars, please send me an email at OR you can watch my video and find out all the awesome FREEBIES you will receive when you order your calendar!

Lots of love!

Her Blessed Designs

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Welcome to Her Blessed Designs! My name is Tara and I am a self taught mixed media artist who LOVES to create for The Lord! God has placed art on my heart to share with others and to inspire everyone! I believe I have grown even closer to The Lord through art and daily bible readings!
Within my blog~ Her Blessed Designs, you will find Inspiration, Tutorials, Peace, and a place to be creative and grow closer to God!
I pray that you will enjoy and connect as we venture on this artful journey!